We offer a clean and professional studio environment that is comfortable and appropriate for clients of all ages.


Advanced Sterilization Equipment

At Integrity Piercing, we utilize a Statim G4 steam autoclave to sterilze equipment and materials used for all procedures. The Statim G4 has a 6 minute cycle time, which allows us to sterilize all items needed for your procedure in your presence, giving you the comfort of knowing that everything used for your piercing has been properly sterilized.

Fully-enclosed Piercing Room

At Integrity Piercing, we feel that it is your piercing experience and you should decide who is allowed to watch or listen to your procedure. We have seating for friends and family if you would like to bring them with you. This is a fully enclosed private room dedicated only to piercing procedures, not a partitioned or curtained-off area. This ensures your privacy and comfort, while achieving optimal sanitation standards.

Latex Free

With a growing number of the population developing latex sensitivities and allergies, we have opted to accommodate all clients by offering a latex-free environment. Integrity Piercing does not use latex gloves, nor do we use band-aids or elastic bands containing latex. Regarding skin sensitivities, we have also opted not to use iodine based skin prep products.

Weekly Spore Testing

While it is common practice in the piercing industry to spore test an autoclave only once a month, we conduct weekly testing to ensure that sterilization conditions are being met consistently. Ask us to see our spore test results - we have all of our test results available and we are proud to prove our dedication to your health and safety.


We require our piercers to have an active membership in the Association of Professional Piercers (APP). Membership in the APP demonstrates that we uphold a set of safety and hygiene standards that are equal to or more stringent than those established by state or local governments; have knowledge of apprpriate sterilization and cross-contamination prevention through blood-bourne pathogens training; and work in a studio that meets rigorous standards of environmental criteria for health, safety and sanitization. For information about making safe piercing decisions, a listing of membership requirements and a current member directory, please visit the APP website: